Hip-Hop|Club Banger Reviews (33) [Fall Edition]

Fall is fast approaching. The leaves are turning colors and it is getting a bit colder. But that doesn't mean we can't heat things up. There are a few club bangers left for the summer and I hope these reviews help you with your selection.

I will add a SoundCloud link to every track I review starting today. That way you can listen to the full song without leaving the page. If you want to buy and download the track I've included the iTunes link for each track as well.

Max rating = 10

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Here are the reviews:

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DJ Tight feat. Cupid - Dade County Dip
Release Date: Aug. 2013


Is the world ready for another cupid shuffle type of dance? I'm not sure. And I'm not sure this one will make that much noise. But it does have a catchy upbeat tempo. Add it on your list for fun.

Recommended for casual playlists.  

Juicy J feat. Justin Timberlake - The Woods* 
Release Date: Aug. 2013


This slow banger has a very smooth vibe to it. Justin Timberlake definitely adds to this track. Juicy J does his thing like usual. Great for lounge/bar or as a mash-up.

Recommended for most playlists.

Mayer Hawthorne feat. Kendrick Lamar - Crime* 
Release Date: July 2013


Another smooth slow banger. This one has more like a pre-funk vibe or when the club is winding down. Mayer Hawthorne has great vocals and Kendrick Lamar has his flows.

Recommended for most playlists.  

Wale feat. Juicy J & Nicki Minaj - Clappers* 
Release Date: June 2013


Wale delivers a banger. Juicy J & Nicki Minaj turns it up another level. Definitely have this on your list. Clappers to the front.

Recommended for most playlists.

M.I.A. - Come Walk With Me
Release Date: Sept. 2013


M.I.A. has a very unique feel as usual. This one is a fun number and I would recommend a mash-up for this one.

Recommended for specific playlists.

* = Explicit