Music Tips for Parties

Today I am going to give you some music tips to get the party started and keep it goin' throughout the whole night. I have thrown quite a few parties to know what works and what does not work at parties.

Before you even think of the music think about the crowd. Who is going to be there? What kind of music do they like? Different crowds like different music of course. I have been to some parties where no one was feelin' the music. And they just left the place never coming back. You definitely don't want that. So cater the music to the crowd.

Next up, what type of equipment are you going to play the music on? Some of the best parties I have hosted or been to have a DJ. Everyone just seems to like DJs and they are more willing to stick around if there is one. So just ask a friend or go on Craigslist to find one. I don't recommend spending hundreds of dollars on a DJ unless you got the cash to throw it down. You can get a pretty decent DJ for around $50-$100 dollars depending on how long you want them to spin.

  • Extra Tip: If you hire a DJ, make sure you know what type of equipment they are bringing and what type of equipment you can supply.

You don't have to have a DJ for your party to be successful though. You can use a laptop or iPod or anything you can find that plays music. One major advantage of a laptop over an iPod (unless it is an iTouch) is that you can download songs while the party is going. So if someone requests a song and you don't have it you can download it. Whatever equipment you use to host your party make sure you made a song list beforehand. You don't want to have just random songs playing throughout the party; it can easily disrupt the flow of things. Trust me. All By Myself does not sound good when blasted at high volume. Depending on how long you want the party to last a good number to have is around 60-80 songs on your list. This number also factors in a few songs that will be changed on the fly if the crowd isn't feeling it. Whatever program you’re using to play the music I would recommend using a crossfader. Winamp and iTunes both have them. Crossfade eliminates most of the silence so the songs can seamlessly play on.

So you got your laptop/iPod/DJ and your music playlist all set for the party. What you need now are the speakers. I don't recommend winky dinky 10W computer speakers. If you are going through all this trouble with the music you mind as well take advantage of the songs at the party. You will need good speakers to handle all the song's bass and treble. The size of the speakers will be dependent on the size of the room. Club Banger songs has lots of bass, so get speakers that can handle it. Try to get your hands on tower speakers, subwoofer, and an audio receiver. These will work best for a party setting.

  • Caution tip: You want the speakers to be loud enough so everyone at the party can hear it, but quiet enough so you can barely hear it from the outside. If it is too loud you can get a noise violation and have the neighbors call the cops and shutdown your party. That would be a party foul big time. Just test out the speakers before anyone arrives at the party so you don't have to mess with it later.

These are the basic music tips for the party. If you follow these guidelines you should be on your way on hosting a good party. And since I keep you updated with the latest Club Bangers you shouldn’t ever have a problem with the music selection at your parties ever again.