How to Setup up a Playlist

I am going to give you a few tips on how to make a good playlist for parties. I touched on it in my Music Tips for Parties, but I am going to go a bit more in depth with this one. Like I said in my earlier post cater your songs to the crowd. Setting up a playlist will help eliminate any random songs that might pop up during the party. Also make the playlist a couple of hours before the party. That way you can get a feel for the songs and have ample time to change them if you need to. You will know exactly what songs are playing in your playlist and everyone will be calling you a hero by the end of the night. If they don't than you can call yourself one.

The first thing you need to know is how long you want the party to be. Is it only going to be a couple of hours? Or are you gonna party 'til the break of dawn? On average a good night is around 3-4 hours. More than that and people tend to get bored or are too drunk or too tired to dance. Typically a party lasting from 3-4 hours you want about 60-80 songs on your playlist. Keep in mind that not all of the songs on the playlist will be played. If the crowd isn't feeling some of the songs you chose just skip to the next track.

The type of software you will use to play your playlist on won't matter too much. Whether its iTunes, Winamp, or some other type of software. However, I do suggest fine tuning the software so it can take advantage of the songs. Change the EQ (Equalizer) to dance, hip-hop, or full bass & treble. These settings will put a bit more oomph into the songs. Another suggestion is to add a crossfader to your playlist. A crossfader fades one song out while fading another song in. An example, sometimes at the end of songs there is an empty 5 seconds. If the crossfader is set to 5 seconds it will fade in the next song during those empty 5 seconds. This way you can keep the party goin' without a hitch.

The last thing is choosing the music itself to put on the playlist. Whatever music you choose is entirely up to you. You should know the crowd better than anyone else. But I will give you some general advice. An important tip is put a variety of songs on your playlist. By variety I mean don't just think about the genre, but also think about the years. For example, a typical Hip-Hop|Club Banger party playlist would be something like this. 5/8ths of the playlist would be dance club bangers. These types of songs would get the crowd dancin' and screamin'. This will be the majority of the songs. 2/8ths of the playlist would be for the ladies. These types of songs are from artists like Britney Spears, Danity Kane, Beyonce, Ciara, or Rihanna, etc. The more the ladies are involved the better. The last 1/8th of the playlist will be for slow bangers. Slow bangers are slow club bangers. An example song would be T-Pain - I'm N Luv. A good amount of Hip-Hop|Club Banger songs should also be recent like within a few years. Don't be afraid to throw in some songs in the last decade to mix things up. Once the playlist is made randomize it. After the playlist is randomize it is all set to play. Test it out and get the feel of the playlist. Tweak the playlist if you need to and than leave it alone until the party.

Always keep your playlist updated if you throw parties occasionally. There are plenty of songs to choose from and I will be updating as much as possible so you can have the latest Hip-Hop|Club Banger songs. Now you can be on your way on making a great party playlist.