Hip-Hop|Club Banger Review Guide

Here is my guide on reviewing Hip-Hop|Club Banger songs.

Have you ever been to a club or a party and the music sucks or there is no music at all? No one is dancing and people are just starin' at each other, because there is nothing better to do. I have been to a lot of those during my college days and it just plain sucks. So I am going to be helping everyone out by posting and suggesting the latest Hip-Hop|Club Bangers. Club Bangers, in my opinion, is another genre stemming from Hip-Hop. It is basically a song that is mostly played at the clubs. Hip-Hop|Club Bangers that will guarantee to get the party started and the ladies dancin'. I will be reviewing Hip-Hop|Club Bangers on a daily basis and give out helpful tips on how to make a bad party into a good one. So here are my criteria on rating each Hip-Hop|Club Bangers song. Each criteria will be from 1-5 and I will give a small explanation as in why.

Radio Play

Does the Hip-Hop|Club Bangers receive current radio play and how long has it been on the radio?
If the Hip-Hop|Club Bangers does get radio play then obviously people know the song and are use to that song. It will help out with your music selection. Everyone loves a current radio played song once in awhile. Be careful with just including Hip-Hop|Club Bangers that are just on the radio. They get outplayed 50 bajillion times. It sucks listening to the same songs over and over again no matter how good it is.

Club/Party/Dancing (Booty Shakin', Bump N Grind, Superman, etc.)

This one is pretty obvious. How well does this song mesh in the club/party atmosphere. Does it want to make you get up and dance? Even if you look like a fool. But most importantly does the Hip-Hop|Club Bangers want to make the ladies dance.

The Ladies

This is what I figured throughout trial and error. It is a lot simpler than I thought it was. In the beginning when I was making my Hip-Hop|Club Bangers playlist I put in a whole bunch of songs I thought everyone enjoyed. I forgot who I was really catering my music to. Myself. Bump N Grind and Booty Shakin' songs are all good Hip-Hop|Club Bangers , but the ladies also like songs that don't involve either of those. For example: Rihanna - Umbrella. The ladies scream and go wild for this song when it plays. I was like uhhh do I do that? So Hip-Hop|Club Bangers that cater to the ladies is important as well.

Lastability (I think I just made that word up)

Can you play this song 5-10 years from now? There are songs that are just really good. You can bump it and people will still be dancing to that song. There are Hip-Hop|Club Bangers that don't age well though. So be careful which Hip-Hop|Club Bangers you thought was cool when you were like 10 years old.

If you want to make a good Hip-Hop|Club Bangers list you have to update it regularly and keep things fresh. Especially if you are throwing lots of parties or need music at the club. No one wants to hear the same Hip-Hop|Club Bangers over and over again. But at the same time you can’t have all Hip-Hop|Club Bangers songs that no one has ever heard of. People need familiarity.

Hopefully this Hip-Hop|Club Bangers guide will help everyone who needs it. If you need any additional advice just contact me at icyslick17@yahoo.com.